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  • Company introduction
  • Managers and Board of Directors
  • Activity fields
  • Strategic acts
  • Statement of vision and mission


 slide6 btose'e maskane khavaran company was founded in accordance with the enactment of the Central Council of the bonyad maskane enghelabe eslami in 1995 by the Iranian Housing Development Agency with the help of a set of experts in the provinces of Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchestan to design and implement urban construction projects. The company is part of a group of companies affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Housing Foundation, which is the executive of the policies of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to achieve the goals of the country's development plans.

Currently, the company is one of the largest mass producers in the country with a major license for mass production.


هم اکنون شرکت جزء یکی از بزرگترین انبوه سازان کشور بوده که دارای پروانه ارشد انبوه سازی می باشد.

Mr. Eng. Shahriar Tavallaee

Vice Chairman of the Board


Mr. Eng. hosein hoseini

Managing Director and Board Member


Mr. Eng.mohsen entezari heravi

Chairman of the Board











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- Lands preparation

- Designing and Implementation of residential, commercial, office, cultural , ect. buildings

- Structural engineering and Installations studies and researches

- Implementation of construction projects

- Definition of investment projects based on economic studies of the market.


- Continuous accountability to stakeholders' expectations and Demands2

- Creating and developing a Powerful network and intelligent small core

- Diversifying Products and Services

- Improve the technical, human and perceptual skills of the company's employees with the goal of empowerment

- orienting the organization based on the system of organizational excellence (EFQM)

- Continuous management of enterprise and project risks


The leading development company in field of of building and urban development with the highest general and professional reception, The criterion of efficiency, commitment, expertise, management and role play as one of the most important actors in the country's sustainable development ...end3

  • under construction and implementation >

    • iran's residential towers of 660 units (including 3 towers with 24, 20 and 16 floors on the ground)
    • abobargh Administrative project
    • NaderShahr Crossroads Commercial / Administrative project
    • feasibility Study for  the commercial site of 4 hectares at the Shariati and shahid Rafiei intersection
    • honarestan residential tower project (Including two 14-story towers on the ground)
    • zeitoon residential Project of 450 units
    • toranj Garden - Villa project
  • Preparation >

    • 93 hectares of lands
    • Zakaria lands in Mashhad
    • 300 hectares lands of Ardabil's Kosar Township
    • one's Neighborhood of Qasem Abad
    • Shariati Blvd
    • Mo'allem blvd
    • iraj mirza blvd
    • resalat Blvd
    • fallahi Blvd
    • andisheh Blvd
  • Implemented and terminated >

    • Nadershahr residential project of  168 units  (phase 1)
    • Nadershahr residential project of  198 units  (phase 2)
    • Hejab residential project of  168 units
    • Iran airtour residential project of  132 units
    • Torbat heidarieh residential project of  35 units
    • Negin zahedan residential project of  212 units
    • Niloofar residential project of  164 units
    • Rafiei commercial-residential project of 52 units
    • Phase one , two and three of velayat  residential project of 504 units
    • Phase one and  two of golha residential project
    • Baharan residential project of 151 units in bojnurd
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  • General specifications

    Total Infrastructure: 181000 - Useful Residential Infrastructure: 107244 - Occupancy Level: 20 % -  Structural Type : Concrete

  • iran's residential towers Project of 660 units

    On a land with an area of 26085 , including 3 towers with 24, 20 and 16 floors on the ground, located on the edge of the Imam Ali Highway

  • Other specifications

    Two parking garages per unit, 2 hectars of accessable green space for recreational purposes and entertainment, lobby and reception, multi-purpose lounge, sports complex, office space and advanced monitoring and ...

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Address: Mashhad - Imam Ali Highway - After Imam Hassan Square - Shahid Rafiee 1

Phone: 051 - 35224314


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